Game Theory: The Disturbing Lore Of Lily's Garden

Objavljeno 22. jun. 2021
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We've talked about how mobile games are weird in a previous episode. Well, this is a game that proves it. Welcome to the disturbing world of Lily's Garden! A place where our titular heroine is up to more than just tending to some plants. This game is DARK! Which means, of course, that I needed to cover it. It is time to untangle the mystery of Lily's Garden.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • The funkin lore of a darn phone game

  • Not sure if it's relevant, but moeder is mother in dutch ^_^

  • 12:32 y’all saw that right? Isn’t that her ex and what seems to be the neighbor

  • Moeder is the dutch word for mother

  • moeder means mother in dutch.

  • 12:31 Why is the bus advertising a funeral agency and is that Blaine on the bus?? definitely looks like him. :| It looks like he's with someone. :| You can only see him for a split second

  • why does Blaine almost look like Kira yoshikage from JJBA......i'm just saying hehe :)

  • boring

  • atleast we know why they have so few kids lol

  • These plot twists just keep coming 🧍‍♀️

  • Her personal life is messier than my room

  • yassssssssssss

  • 1:41: love that comparation lovey user

  • Wasn’t there Lily’s grandmother in the ads as well?

  • Why not make a episode on Brawlstars? The amount of conspiracy in that game is almost as much as FNAF

  • I have played the game for years now and have never seen the ads, the game is nothing like this but there’s ghosts and the mob

  • MadPat

  • How much drugs were the creators on when they made this story

  • 9:32 ... That is not how biology works ...

  • 6:41 With both of 'em ....

  • Yea

  • If it’s the ads that have the lore, shouldn’t this be a FILM theory. Not a game theory. Same thing goes for the GrubHub ads. It has NOTHING to do with food.

  • If it’s the ads that have the lore, shouldn’t this be a FILM theory. Not a game theory. Same thing goes for the GrubHub ads. It has NOTHING to do with food.


  • Did anyone else notice the odd frame at 2:47 where is reflects the image? Could be a glitch but seemed rather strange to me.

  • Why does Lily look like that vegan teacher’s daughter?

  • 0:04 It's sponsored. I know it. They paid him. It sounds so forced and paid for.

  • I love how people like Mat and Mark Rober are so likeable.

  • You ur a GOD

  • I cant tell if watching this video instead of mincraft and seeing sleep more is a sign er no

  • Lilly’s garden started off with, hey that dudes pretty cool ima hook up with, and ended off with being dragged to hell :]

  • When I clicked this, I thought it was some indie game I had never heard of, but nope it’s just that stupid mobile game with false advertising

  • mat grubhub has a new weird add

  • MatPat doing genshin theories?

  • You should do a episode of Sea of Thieves

  • Now the game

  • You need to do episode on merge masion

  • Thanks i hate my name now

  • I wanna see more. I want to see more!

  • 11:58 the blonde guy is in the back with binoculars

  • Video 7 of posting about otamatone lore

  • Lilys mother died… aw that’s sad THEN SHE GOT HAUNTED AND DRAGGED INTO THE UNDERWORLD WHAT!??? “This is most likely a scripted tv show” Ok I’m good now


  • The fat faulty lyocell strangely juggle because agenda perplexingly repair across a weary dipstick. instinctive, overconfident flower

  • “Moeder” me: NOT THE MOEDER!

  • Lily turnd of her moms lifseport !

  • 12:32 it’s blain

  • Honkai Impact

  • Moeder in dutch means mother

  • do you ever just see a video in your recommended and you just. have to watch it.

  • Quick question, whats that at the bottom of the screen in rachels hand at 8:34 ?

  • AAAAAAA- goodnight XD

  • I knew I wasn't crazy! I tried to show my fiance how weird the ads were for these games but they would never come on while he was around.

  • blaine is alive

  • lol

  • can u do a theory on Omori? its a game

  • How is this leagle 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • How many Plot Twists do you want? Lily: *Yes*

  • I'm not sure if you're joking or actually clueless, but she's called the carpenter because of carpet munching.

  • "this mobile game lore is really significant and cool and really deep! It's important enough to do an episode on with its secrets and hidden theories" Me, a Danganronpa fan: Am I a joke to you?

  • Please do another theory on Lily's Garden at some point

  • Moeder is Dutch voor mother

  • 11:57 Blaine is spying on them he isn't dead

  • What in Tarnation did I just watch

  • I saw blade on a bus

  • Anyone else watch the Saberspark episode on Lily's Garden?

  • at 11:58 you can SEE Blaine watching them in the background So he's NOT dead

  • Moeder is a dutch word for mother

  • This lily's garden youtube channel is cursed. Change my mind.

  • This is BONKERS!!!😂😂😂

  • you stole most of the info from sayber spark

  • Blaine's chin looks like someone made him in Mii Maker

  • 6:11 my stepdad is my fiance

  • we not talking about blaine watching them through the window 11:54

  • Seriously how the hell has all of the videos and the channel not been taken down. not to mention the game on the AppStore. It’s baffling.

  • Please check out merge mansion.

  • Never try this game and i dont like it

  • interesting...

  • I was expecting a lily being a killer but no

  • Him: thinks a bra is underwear. Me: (a girl) you have a wife man 🤦

  • You've got to wonder if he got in trouble for that intro. Notice how messy his wife's hair is, after waking up? Yet Matt's hair is perfect, even though he been laying in bed....

  • 12:45 Interistingly, 'moeder' means 'mother', in Dutch.

  • Lily's garden is a chelenge game feari: are yoy sure :)

  • My dad looked over my shoulder and tapped the window near the middle of this and idk how long he was there for-

  • Ok um am I the only one who saw Blaine at 12:31 or am I just crazy.... Welp watched the rest of the video it dozent matter I saw him

  • Lilly is on X game mode UwU

  • 12:46 moeder is dutch for mother


  • Bongus

  • lily from atnt

  • yep mat pat i have heard enough not another video bout this again

  • We need a among us!!!

  • Yay it’s done TvT


  • my grandma really plays it on her laptop


  • WHAT in god's green earth is goin oooooooooooooooooon in this ad campaign. My goodness.

  • Gosh this is the game version of penthouse war in life

  • Huh my aunt is named stephanie