The Secret Horror Behind Carrion's Monster | The SCIENCE of... Carrion

Objavljeno 4. mar. 2021
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What's more fun than playing as a monster bent on eating humanity? Well, not much, but today Austin is going to try to top it! The monster you play in Carrion is often assumed to be an alien brought into this facility. Yet, there are many gruesome hints throughout the game that may prove we have all been too quick with our guesses. That's right, the origins of this monster are much more Earthly... and much more horrible. Take it away, Austin!

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  • M̵̨̺̥̙̜̻͗̓̔̒̒̂ͅy̸̰̼͙̱͍̻̲͚̥͈̜͈͈̍̍̌ͅ ̴̢̨̧̗̝̳͚̙̫̻͈̘͉̼͒ͅC̶̨̧̘̰͔̮̤̣̘̘̤͈̖̽̏́̍̋͑̂̾͘̚͘͜ͅͅḧ̵̰͇̘̘͖̣̖͇̯̠͕̂͗̅̽̓̉͑ị̷̲̟̪̬̭͖̫̘͙̞̜̘̮̂̂̈̃̽̈̀̚͜͝ļ̶̨̦̰͆̂̽͗̇́̂́̋͜ḑ̵̡̥͕͎̗͉̱̠̭̦̘̲̱̼̱̘̏͑͂͛̓͒ŕ̷̗͋̂e̷̖̥̱͂N̸͚͖͙̥̪̻̟̱͙̩̑̃̒̆̉̈́̓̌́͝ͅ

  • I think that the organism wasnt made by relith science, its just an ancient animal that survived the biblical flood.

  • if it absorbs dna from humans, and humans are 50% bananas, does that mean... OH MY GOD!

  • 7:27 I wish my biology teacher could explain this good

  • “It already exists... *AND IT RIGHT BEHIND YOU!* The photos of my family that’s behind me: *All smiling*

  • this is why matzot shouldn't say yes to austin

  • How do you know my name

  • It’s a gibbering mouther!

  • I have a myth maybe it’s a human except it’s been there for thousands of years and then it adapted to What it was in

  • where can I get the comic

  • Carrion actually means a mass of animal corpses

  • 12:56 you played through the game so you know that you need to obtain parasitism.

  • If the game had taken place in Japan it would be a completly different kind of game.

  • if it does come ive got some toxic gas to cover it

  • I loved this game

  • The real horror begins when it goes into human society... there it will be forced to work minum wage to survive

  • I want another carrion game set in that period where it was unleashed on Seattle

  • Carrion is pretty much the movie Phantoms (1998)

  • It’s basically an SCP

  • imagine you being escorted by millions of soldiers and you haven't done anything wrong. *They* are waiting for that moment, you feel the drop of terror and trauma through your nostrils. *(blood)... The soldiers load their weapons. They ready them and are shaking, in tears of knowing what will happen next.. *The carrion has woken* -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

  • The creature we play as actually was separated to parts by relith science, it gains most abilities by consuming pieces of biomass of itself, but anyway thats something i thought i should say and you guys can ignore it

    • Btw the untainted human dna might be from the scientist(?) We play as in the flashbacks

  • Polish game! Polska gra!

  • "And it's right behind you!" my dog behind me: I am going to eat you, mother

  • just imagine the other planets except ours why do people think theres no life in those planets??......people are dumb just to say some are smarter than the others and some are just imposters looking like us and are even smarter than the others soo the places of other dimensions there is life on them every where you look there needs to be a reason for life

  • 3:28 i wonder where did you funded that photo?...

  • me after seeing the axolotl: *A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED*

  • I remember a certain SCP ...

  • Austin kinda has anger issues, lmfao.

  • well my theory is that the monster that we play as is an amoeba ,an giant one and is an experiment that was meant to serv a porpose maiby an biowapon or just an tipe of ancient amoeba that lived thousads of years ago and the company discover it , and the samples that we colect in the game are experiments meant for mylitari porpose ,spider wabe? shot an enemy whit it and put him down ,camuflage? make yourself invizible , go bihinde the enemy lines and kil them al ,eco location ? spot eviry enemyon a mile a way and BOOOM , they are ded i kan go like this al the day , but this text is going to long so il let you theorize frome now.( also sory for my bad spelyng )

  • It's probably from wuhan china

  • What about amebas?

  • You say that we have this thing, but there's alien iconography. Maybe it was actually made by aliens as a way to wipe us out, and Relith just happened to get a hold of it. It destroyed the facility, but after that, it was in the middle of the desert with nowhere to go, so it entered a dormant state again until it was found. And it was. Also, human dna contains all the right genes to produce feathers, it's just a matter of selective activation.

  • 9:32 sus?!?!?!?

  • 0:38 OH MY GOD LOL

  • When he said 8ts behind you right now I was fine but thrn he said J A S O N I freaked out a bit

  • Antediluvian in the context of the game would likely mean "prior to a catastrophic event", with it meant to parrallel the notions used with the great flood, as it was a flood that wiped out all life on earth, hence the 2 of every animal thing. Taking it literally to mean it about Noah's flood really bothers me because of how easy it is to see that it's not literal considering the moss isn't in a place that is *literally* antediluvian.

  • This thing kinda reminds me of the Chimera Ants from Hunter x Hunter ngl

  • I want to see more devil's avicit. I really enjoyed the way he did that episode for doom, and was really hoping he would do more

  • Hey at 15:00 I've experiencing deja vu and then right at the 15:36 it really happened.

  • it learns from what it eats, reminds me of the flood from halo.

  • Dear repetitive format, think of something different Yours truly, A Fan

  • This monster sounds like and scp .

  • Then it seems that life has found a way then :P

  • Please can you do to the far lone sails lore?

  • Uh hi?

  • the editors must have so much fun editing austins videos, and then get so sick of his screaming by the end of it lmao

  • The creature is like Kirby

  • "Carrion puts you into the shoethes-" *Sorry *what**

  • 2:46 pls tell me u mean yellow slime organism

  • one day during the intro he should say hi its me your worst nightmare

  • Captured? Contained? sounds like the SCP foundation i mean look at that thing and tell me the foundatoin WON'T capture it

  • woud it get a conchies

  • Scientist holding a vitro with a super water bug: oops Scientist holding a vitro with a variant virus on bats: oops

  • "its right behind you" Me who has a wall behind me: IS IT THE WALL OR IN THE WALL?

  • i think the carrion monster is a thing that was made by imagination but Markiplier says that some group of scientists found somthing that they are not supposed to find

  • Bro that sacred me when said my name

  • Be cool to see a sequel where you go into the city and it's litterally like a horror catamari where you gain size by rolling over things, but it's like the flood from halo as you only grow from bio mass eventually eating the planet

  • 1:23 no

  • carrion deez nuts

  • Thanks for showing off this game! Just finished it and I've come back to watch the episode :)

  • #thought it is most likely a B.O.W

  • So, it's the monster from Phantoms. Didn't need the whole video.

  • My favorite type of scientist. Who has a existential crisis 1 minute into the video

  • "Creature from unknown origin" Me an intellectual: Italian

  • Sorry dude would play it but I got nothing to play it on.

  • "OMG im so old and im gonna die soon".... i feel you

  • You should shout more profanities

  • Damn I wanted to watch a theory on this game but its from Austin the autistic and its ruined.

  • Bro I wanted to play the game but it's 14$ and I don't have steam money

  • I'm sitting at my desk, and when he said my name I got scared.

  • So it is basically like a flood from the halo franchise, but originated from earth?

  • It is not an alien, and in fact came from our very planet HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • The amusing thing with this is that now that it has assimilated human DNA it will maybe just live a normal life, after all if it was growing on the first place it was because he had only instincts but now he can also think and feel complex emotions thanks to the human DNA so why would he just put himself in danger by revealing that he's a monster when instead he can just eat discretely some humans that no one cares about for money and after that live like a human (a lot like in the anime Parasite)

  • If the thing learns, then hopefully it doesn’t get to the R34 people, because it can learn some pretty weird tentacle stuff.

  • It is the wall of flesh but weaker

  • Wait if you search up the meaning of carrion it says stands for decaying flesh with harmful bacteria maybe the bacteria in the flesh evolved and thats why is red and everywhere it goes its spreading Blood its decaying flesh WITH A BRAIN

  • "I AM SO OLD" Is it okay if I ask your age? I just wanna know.

  • Loved the video but the editing of the avatar was obnoxious

  • Im surprised no one thought of the scp foundation

  • cant kirby do that basicly

  • i was so shook @14:35 when he just said my name xD

  • *slowly takes hand off of cat*

  • “If I got bird DNA and absorbed it I wouldn’t grow wings.” 7 year old me: *cries.*

  • Well considering this thing is based on... The Thing. And several other Lovecraftian entities. Antediluvian and cyclopean were common descriptors used by lovecraft in his stories.

  • 1:42 except human flesh :)

  • I'm getting some Prototype vibes.

  • Why does this creature remind me of Madcap, the deadpool antagonist?

  • Plot twist: *Carrion is an SCP story*

  • 14:34 This is even more spooky when my name is Jason

  • The berserk page comparably serve because candle kelly slap given a direful fender. pretty, complete language

  • 0:44 - 0: 49 LOL

  • Sorta impressed it didn't start with "Dear Nintendo" as it threw me off. Nice to see you Austen!

  • “Dna isnt like a gameboy cartridge” Amibas: am i a joke to you

  • sorry to any jasons watching this

  • ive got a good one, explain how much energy the slayers crucible outputs(its hotter than planck temperature and none of that heat is irradiated into the environment)in one second.

  • It reminds me of a Leviathan from Supernatural.

  • Could it be related to the giant squid in Puget Sound???

  • Wow....the title interested me, and you bored me right the hell out of it in less than 5're boring.

  • I saw this video on release , stopped around the first minute mark since game seemed interesting and I thought I'd play it before watching the video , exams struck and a few months later with the game finally complete I shall watch the video XD , ty Austin for sharing this wonderful game :3