Game Theory... What Happened To You?

Objavljeno 24. apr. 2021
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10 YEARS of Game Theory! Wow, how fast time flew by to get us to this milestone. Theorists, I want to invite you into the "office" of Team Theorists. I want to pull back the curtain on what it takes to run this channel; the time, the people, the MEETINGS! No more secrets. Thank YOU for sticking with me over the years and I can't wait to see what happens over the next 10 years. So sit back and get ready to have the full Team Theorists experience. You've earned it!

I also want to thank our team for coming on and being a part of the video! Talk about face reveals!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
FNAF 6, No More Secrets ►

Writers: Matthew Patrick, Stephanie Patrick, Jason Parker, and Chris Widin
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • By far my *FAVOURITE* video on this channel! Happy 10th Game theorists🥳

  • If you could I would love to see that particle physics mario episode. I know it might be a bit much, but I think it'd be interesting

  • That ending was so wholesome :'). The title did scare me a bit though.

  • 13:42 Congrats? Just don't tell Steph lmao

  • He's used that image of himself for so long it's lost it's definition to me. I see it and my brain can't accept it's a real 3d photo of him in a real position, it just looks fake now.

  • Hhhmmmm This video could use some more Austin XP

  • I didn't know he had a child

  • Video 20 of posting about otamatone lore

  • 0:30 or so His morning routine isn’t always like this every day sometimes the storms raging outside Of his window.

  • This is great. Period.

  • My favorite part is the part he showed what he does and how his life is

  • Let's be honest, as long as there are mystery questions about ANYTHING, this channel can't die. This guy is a genius, UNLIMITED CONTENT.

  • 11:12 just me in a nutshell explaining my bestfriend theories-

  • 6:58 ... Luca? You gonna make a Luca theory?

  • my mom and dad shagged how i am here

  • Blue is definitely the next channel colour

  • I like how austin is just throwed out

  • Mat’s feet are the best part of this video

  • do sound thery

  • Step 7? I don't think Matt has slept in the past three weeks. He's giving us hundreds of notes on each episode and some are just absolute nonsense like "Is there a pickle?" - What does that even mean? A pickle? It wasn't even on a Food Theory™ episode! Someone help this man! He said Tom Cruise bit him! Is MatPat becoming a werecruise?

  • this video feels indescribable ( sorry for being grammatically incorrect if i am) it gives me the same feeling i get when i listen to the ocarina of time title screen music. it kinda makes me emotional.

  • Ollie is so cute want more oillie😍😘

  • I watched every episode of game theory until 2016 , when I started working in a game store and now in IT , I didn’t have enough time to keep up but I’m starting to rewatch now ! My god what you guys do would be my dream job 🥺

  • its ok im an ohioan nerd too

  • What I would give for a new ace attorney theory 🙏‼️‼️‼️

  • I didn't expect a documentary

  • Kudos to Matt and the team for the crazy machine they're running 😊👏

  • dont know if anyone else noticed the rotating wingdings font on the monitor at the beginning

  • Wow we love you we have faith in you

  • Happy 10th birthday I have been hear from the start 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


  • 11:21 wow

  • so heart worming

  • :o

  • The ending was amazing

  • 1:05 child launched, aimed for bed

  • Me driving myself mad trying to figure out what the letters mean on the to-do list

  • no what happened to you?

  • Matpat is a wereCruise 😂😂😂

  • where theroy? (PS:I love your theroy's)

  • I want more serious videos like this

  • 29:20 me when my teacher says we have homework

  • I love particular physics

  • Huh… haven’t seen anything on half minute hero

  • why have i been a fan for 8 years

  • i just have this question in my mind about the staff right now has it ever happened that you were talking with someone to see if they could be a good addiction to the staff for whatever reason they were good but in the end you discovered they were really young?

  • Omg im so old

  • Comments be like that tho

  • Ten years a long time I stoped watching a few years back but at one point this was my favorite show on SLflow other then The Competitionoist. It’s crazy that they are both doing what they love. Even though I don’t watch both channels videos anymore. Thank you Matt for all the hours of entertainment! Here’s to ten more years!!! #2031

  • I just realized I think Matt has my favorite tea brand at the beginning! Cool! #goodtea

  • Pedro...Portuguese? I know that accent anywhere

  • theirs just grubhub in the backround

  • That ending made me cryyy

  • Aw man, I wanted to hear the potty song :(

  • "Jayson is pretty much my boss right now..." Oh, how the turned tables!

  • Stephanie is so damn pretty.

  • Is the easter egg in the Food Theory intro The Bendy restaurant thing. Also, Why did this make me so emotional?

  • Plz do dbd im a sub btw from sweden happy 10th! But plz do dead by Daylight

  • Plz do dead by Daylight

  • #blamejason

  • I think livestreams are difficult but compared to everything else GTLive is the least difficult channel to run.

  • I can't give you enough love. Wish you the best.

  • I like how when mat want to make another fnaf video they all just quiet or ran away. I mean make sense because fnaf is one of the games that is hard to solve. I laugh at that moment.

  • Matpat prioritizes eating more than breathing lol


  • Yu Gi Oh is related 100%

  • Rest easy Ronnie, we still love you

  • Bro annoying voice nah that's a classic voice so classic it reminds me of vine

  • J

  • Wow this was not a great a great transition episode from film theorists to game theorists

  • That was lovely!


  • I'm so happy about this moment

  • The whole ‘exposed’ angle really doesn’t work. A ‘behind the scenes’ would be far more atractive (and less clickbaity.)

  • Lol at the white board… Scott Coffin…. Is my dad. Hahahaha

  • Hi:)

  • Step 6 doesn't make any sense

  • You literally said can I say exposed

  • I thought it’s just Matty mat

  • Good question

  • The Easter egg in the food theory intro has to be TMNT guys in the manhole for 0.25 before the taxi drives them over

  • 11:13 Oh dear Matt needs a vacation!

  • 7:34 literally half of the videos i play are for background noise

  • MatPat : *Explaining the behind the scenes of Game Theory* SLflow : Let my son, FNaF, to introduce himself.

  • Each time Steph calls him Matthew, it throws me off. Which is silly, that's his name. But to everybody else he's MatPat.

  • That was sweet. :,)

  • at 1:58 there is wingdings text on matts computer, its in wingdings i think, i tried translating it but all i found was "w︎︎A︎︎p︎︎S︎︎ I︎︎S︎︎ N︎︎e︎X︎" there is 1 other characters but i have no clue what they are, does anybody know what it says?

  • I remember all the times I've seen your videos, all the time your theories have sparked massive discussions with me and my friends. This channel has been with me for such a long time by now... damn actually been 8 now. I cannot believe how long it has been. Seriously here's to many more years. And now you're almost making me wanna figure out how to join your team lmao.

  • Austin looks so genuine its amazing😭

  • Mat and Steph: Having a emotional moment Austin: AND ME AUSTIN!!!!

  • Cant beileve I been here for 7 years

  • Glad to see it maT pat

  • 11:12 average FNAF theory to me

  • Pls

  • An mobile game with beautiful grafigs

  • Do a theory on dragon tamer

  • I'm really socked that Steph is refused for her gender. Like not being the face of the channel I get but sexist misogyny is just cruel.

  • Is it bad that I want to see more Ollie? He's adorable!

    • @Tyler Sprouse yeah, that’s fair. He is too precious a bean to be on the net. There are mean people here after all.

    • I think Matt and Steph are trying to keep him off the internet, for the most part.

  • Honestly who would not listen to matt talking about fnaf...i would In all honesty tho this channel has help me grow as a person and i think the theorist team for that On to the next decade of theoris!

  • Is Pedro brazilian?