Game Theory: Minecraft and The Power of The Dead

Objavljeno 1. maj. 2021
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I've covered some of Minecraft's dark secrets when it comes to souls. Today, we are diving even further into the mystery that is the Nether and what powers it. Theorists, has Minecraft learned to harness the power of the dead? It's time to find out!

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FNAF, The FINAL Timeline ►►
FNAF, The Monster We MISSED! ►►
FNAF This Theory Changes Everything ►
FNAF, You Were Meant To Lose ►
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Writers: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • I wonder how story mode fits in

  • So, I have a Minecraft theory! The builders made the Nether portal. When they got there it was a flat landscape. Eventually they would explore all of the Nether. Started making stuff, like the mobs. All the mobs overwhelmed and destroyed the Nether. Things became to dangerous for them. Leaving valuables and other things in the chests that could help if/when they returned. When Steve finds the Nether it’s broken after years on neglect. Just a thought.

  • I put like half of the souls that are in the nether there, I always die there

  • hello , soul sand

  • Could the fungus live off of minerals in the soil as well as decomposing organisms like extremofile bacteria?

  • Ok I have a question, why is the Ender dragon the last of its kind. It’s so powerful, what could’ve happened? Was their an ancient war like in Godzilla vs Kong where the ender dragon s and some other alpha species went to war?

  • So can anyone tell me how souls grow the warped forest, I don't know, maybe the fact that the nether is filled with lava and that maybe a source of energy but it's just a theroy a confusing theroy

  • Video 17 of posting about otamatone lore

  • 6:15 wait what you watch mlp??

  • 8:00 me with a 5 layer nether wart farm in hypixel skyblock: *suprised pikachu noises*

  • Don't some animals live off of thermal energy though?

  • "Sigh, another confusing thing, gotta use the ol' reliable. *_"Ancient Builders"_*

  • No one me at 3AM : one more theory

  • The beginning reminded me of how awesome the D&D Underdark would be in Minecraft. Also, there are literally oceans of evidence (in the form of lava in the Nether) that imply there is enough geothermal energy to keep all that lava really hot. And it's possible that the geothermal power is what keeps the Netherblocks (Syblocks but in the Nether) floating. In addition, my friend and I came up with the "terraforming" idea a while ago with an important supplement being new species of fungus based on the sculk stuff... Not just that but many quartz colorations (green, pink, yellow) are caused by iron impurities. With nether quartz appearing to be slightly pink when in nether quartz ore, it's safe to say that there are at least trace amounts of iron wherever you find nether quartz. Also, you find skeletons and fossils in the soul sand valleys... who's to say the area isn't made of fossilized fungi and decaying animal meat from an ancient era? That would make it quite healthy, and maybe the ancient fungus had caps resembling wailing faces. That would scare some creatures away! And MATPAT YOU FORGOT TO SAY "BUT THAT'S JUST A THEORY"

  • This is basically school :)

  • 11:32

  • does anyone know if mat has heard about terraria? and also i think that the terrarian might be stronger than steve because the terrarian has more inventory space and can hold stacks of 999 items. it might be hard to get footage for a vid tho.

  • So if I was a wither skeleton in the nether I could be eating my grandpa’s soul

  • something i figured out just a cople days ago. that when a piglin kills a hoglin, the piglins will go and collect the raw porkchop that it drops. That mean that piglins don't only eat fungi thay also eat porkchop.

  • Just realised blazes head upside down looks like Steve with no beard and mouth

  • Yeah

  • I believe that the wither we spawn the game is an infant. I think this because of the fossils in the neither can be arranged and look similar to that of the wither but larger. The fossils seem to mostly spawn in soul valleys where the air around you has the blue tint of soul energy and i believe that the souls that the witherzilla took seeped into the netherrack and blackstone forming the soul valleys

  • Can u do a theory ant the "those were the days." advancement

  • What's up with those tutorials worlds?

  • Piglin brutes actually don’t barter with the player’s they just attack with no mercy.

  • Do. Video on fossils

  • Well, I've never heard anyone say this but, I think the reason why endermen (ancient builders) are hostile to endermites because a silverfish spawner is always found next to the end portal, I think that when the ancient builders were about to enter the end they doubted it and thought about it deeply but the silverfish spawned, surprised the

  • though with more starvation deaths from piglins creates more food for the fungi

  • Hey i just found a almost broken pickaxe so dose that mean more peopple there to

  • at the beginning the piglin really had to say grampa

  • wait a a second who are the skelltons?

  • Hey I have a question WHAT THE FREAK ARE GHASTS

  • Matpat you know the armor stand there a secret about it its an entity there is a soul trap inside if you use the place block Whit armor stand it does not work and if you use a dropper whit some kind of mobi will spawn it whit armor stands is the same

  • idk about the idea of souls as the energy of the nether, I rather I think because it is hell like dimension, there is some sort of dark energy that affects the ecosystem, and laws in our world wont affect the nether.

  • I'm from the netherlands.

  • yeah but even in you manage to get above the bedrock there is nothing juste darkness

  • I like how he left out energy inefficiency in wall e but conveniently remembered it here


  • Can you do orgins of witch

  • Theory idea: What was the timeline of, well... all of this (in all of this I mean when did they create the wither? when did they exile the illagers out of the vilages? when did the "masters" become endermen? when did pigs become piglins? And also Im not talkin about like "they create the wither in 1974" or "they traveled into the nether 2 days after the exilation of the illagers" I mean "first they buildt the temples, then the zombie got created, then... you know what Im talking about)


  • Game theory please please please do a collab with dragonic

  • I didn't even hit the Subscribe button how to get subscribed this is the second time this has happened what's going on!??

  • But What is the glowstone for it vant grow plants its litteralt useless!

  • Did anyone else see Discord from my little pony in the word ENTROPY? No? ok

  • can u amke an episode about elder guardians

  • 6:27 the sun really is a deadly lazer

  • I’m stuck in Minecraft lore/deep dive fact vids these are so addicting I don’t even play this game I love these vids either way

  • Fake

  • neater mind get it🤭😄

  • guys, Wfies (the youtuber) made a video called "Hacking in minecraft the right way" and he talks about a book called the official minecraft hacking guide and it talks about how below bedrock is the nether. thats a fun thing to point out that i thought id share. Then again, the book isnt very... trust worthy.

  • wait that's just rope funny 🤭

  • The compass goes haywire in the nether

  • Did you know that the nether didn't always had a bedrock roof And piglins have water bottle IN THE NETHER!

  • Everyone’s saying “Geothermal power!”, and I thought that too at first, but now I realize why it wouldn’t work. Geothermal energy specifically works by moving heat from a hot area to a colder one, so it wouldn’t work in the Nether. Also, lifeforms can’t harvest heat energy to live. The only reason hydrothermal vents at the ocean’s bottom sustain life is because they spray out tons of chemicals that are used as fuel for chemical reactions. The actual heat of the water does not provide the energy for organisms.

  • I was wondering if he made a theory about the Warped Forest!

  • Hey. Gold isn’t too rare in the Nether, and the only way to get strong there is from striders, which live out on the lava. A place that’s not safe for piglins, so string is probably pretty valuable to them.

  • I have a theory why do Minecraft players always spawn adults👾

  • Hay matpat I know this is the wrong video but if you look at the bedrock version for Xbox 360 Which is stuck on update aquatic you can find the sunken remains of the previous versions spawn hub under the ice which also supports your Drowned theory

  • You know, this may sound kind of stupid but I was talking about this with of my friends and this is completely off topic.. but how big would a Minecraft block like any Minecraft block such as a grass block look like in real life? I know this question seems kind of stupid but I'm actually kind of curious

  • When you finish the Minecraft theories you should make a book combining all theories into a lore on the world of Minecraft


  • It's a pig from hell. Of course its bode does not behave the same as someone else

  • Ok… soul energy, I’m on board. One thing that was nagging me though, it might not just be those who died after coming from the overworld but there is an entire biome contributed to souls aka the soul sand valley, what do you find their? Giant skeletons of dead creatures and… well regular skeletons so the soul sand valley somewhat acts like the nether’s sun

  • ok if Minecraft is randomly generated for every world does that mean there's a Multiverse theory in there

  • Hey game theory I was playing Minecraft and died to llama spit and I was wondering in real life llama spit can kill you. So I thought Minecraft’s hearts are like are body’s but super weak. Also falling of let’s say 5 6 tall building of block in Minecraft you take a lot of fall damage but in irl you break your legs


  • what if the Nether produces its own energy? is that possible? like living on the sun, except you can live on it lol


  • Out of all the theary you could do on the the nether "cough" gast "cough" you do the f##king food chain

  • Random kid theres no lore in Minecraft Matpat hold my diet coke

  • The portal is 3 blocks tall and so r enderman and the warped forest is similar to the end and enderman as the have similar color pallets

  • The weird thing is 4 of the most common (old) neither mobs are dead (the Scelly boii and z pigmen) the blazes and magma cubes we're probly formed OF the fire and lava *Ghasts* ,_,

  • MatPat I have a theory what if Steve was the pilligers ultimate creaton

  • this entire theory of the nether would make for one KICKASS Minecraft Mod

  • Hey what about the airpods pro those are good they look just the same but only in color white

  • I'm talking about the energy of generation because if you start a world it generates the whole world so it stays infinite

  • Of the energy of generation duh

  • I saw that little picture of Discord....

  • Matpat I love all your videos! You should look at FEZ and do a theory on that game! (This could be a mistake...)

  • When are u gonna do another video on minecraft? I think u left out alot.

  • The sound of netherrack actually sound much like a stoney flesh. So maybe it isn't jus metaphorically hungry for souls

  • Energy from (insert the star in question) -> bedrock -> netherrack -> crimson or warped fungus -> hoglin or strider -> piglin

  • The nether technically doesn't have herbivores, because fungus aren't plants

  • In my opinion both the bedrock & the netherrack must contain to energy that is received by a star. In conclusion nether materials can collect energy. That is how I presume fungi that aren't from the overworld get their energy, their mycelium grows into the netherrack that has lots of energy channeling through it.

  • I want a theory on how Nether was created or how The End was created.

  • I have a theory: what if Steve was created by the illagers

  • 9:59 Well then how did the end portal close? HUH? ANSWER ME MATPAT!

  • Mattttt do an episode on granny

  • what about a theory on why we players respawn while the builders didnt?


  • Just a theory idea: What about the ability to summon the ender dragon? Lmk a video about this has already been posted

  • Plants in the overworld can grow in a room, with no access to the sun. They can grow by having a torch beside them because of the light. Any chance lava works the same way in the nether? Idk im pretty dumb and im only halfway through the vid

  • i have theory we were like sent on a mission go to the end to beat the game

  • Finally, a new theory about the nether, you still have to update that old one about zombie pigmen since we don't have those anymore

  • Matpat: "No sun but Souls". Me: "Lava, glow stone, magma blocks create heat energy to feed funguys"

  • does herobrine fit in with the lore?

  • I have a better explanation The nether is a spiritual demetion

  • Don't mind me Just looking for Cheeseheads in the comment section

  • Why beds explode in another dimensions?????