Game Theory: The Hero That BROKE Genshin Impact!

Objavljeno 15. maj. 2021
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Genshin Impact is the free mobile game taking over my brain. The worldbuilding is complex and I knew that somewhere in there was a theory. I was RIGHT! I think I found the character that BROKE the world of Genshin Impact. You see, the biggest weakness in the world of Teyvat is not what you would expect. What will bring about the END? Watch to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Woah, never expected Genshin Impact to show up on this channel! A wonderful surprise for sure!

  • I think they will reduce the value of mora to create more mora just like the romans did. Clipping coins (cutting a part of the coin) and minting them to create new coins. But if they did that, hyperinflation will happen.

  • it will be cool if somewhere in future pvp is launched in different dimension where mora and all in limited cause of zhongli and it will be based more on skill that way

  • We need more genshin theories. Luv your video man. ❤️

  • morax could just allow automation or human fabrication of mora with some kind of machine or device.

  • Can't another geo archon just rise through the help of adepti, because people with visions are given the ability to ascend to godhood right?

  • the way he said albedo though just too cringe srry

  • i was shocked and delighted with 15% confusion when i saw the opening

  • Inazuma : We heard Electro archon : BUT SINCE THATS SO THIS IS STILL THE LAND OF ENERITY SO NOW WE HAVE CRYSTAL MARROW Also since the Taristia are making moves on the gnosis, she knows the outcome so theoretically the flames of Tay vat are getting near.

  • No more mora L E Y L I N E S M O R A F L O W ERS

  • Im late but hear me out. Szneznya is trying to become the sole superpower in Teyvat and will use Zhonglis gnosis to mint their own tender.

  • my theories are: 1) snezhnaya will use the gnosis to take control of the economy and take over liyue and give all of her army visions (since her goal is world domination to achieve peace) 2)the tsaritsa is somehow affiliated to the sibling and is giving them the gnosis against the power to dominate the world (that would be an explaination as to why the sibling will have the seven elements when we will fight against them)

  • Sir what do you think of the happenings in Inazuma?

  • Food for thought: In the game itself they have said that when the Geo God died a new one would take place. Maybe they'll make the mora?

  • He he…funny how u think he can just get his gnosis back from Theresa

  • one thing Keylines

  • i think i know why my mora is running out rn 🥲🥲

  • Retirement is a slippery slope to ridged edges on all of the world's coins.

  • LEY LINE ahh

  • Cant wait for him to do a theory on Baal the god of eternity herself

  • I am so broke in the game I can't do anything other than find the money and it doesn't last long once I get it

  • okay but just like how venti and zhongli were the only original archons, the other archons took on the role of archons after the original died. so a new geo archon will come eventually, right?

  • Let lines: *hey*

  • If he didn’t sell his gnosis the fatui would steal it anyways also what about mora ley lines

  • WHat about leylines.....

  • Technically the Fatui have the Gnosis that makes him create Mora but I don't know what the Tsaritsa would do with it.

  • This is a fun analysis, but perhaps Matpat should look up what "catalyst" means.

  • I smell communism

  • Game Theory needs to do a theory on the Raiden Shogun already

  • ley line blossoms make around 12,000 mora

  • Matpat: Leeyue SLflow: Leeway

  • You should definitely touch upon the Paimon is the unknown god theory. And how her and all the archons we know, are names after demons 👀

  • 6:02 where nose

  • Maybe the Tsaritsa needed his gnosis because of the incredibly high salary you get for being a fatui agent. She needs to pay her employees YK

  • Video 15 of posting about otamatone lore

  • What about the key limes and those little rats that if you smack them they will give you mora

  • Those blue pouches are NREs

  • My fav game plus.. MY FAV YTBER? HECK YES!

  • i feel like albedo could replace him, whith is alchemy and geo skill.

  • Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon Paimon

  • Me: hey this is a cool game what if i try it? Two days later I LOVE GENSHIN IMPACT 😆

  • zhongli can make mora without his gnosis…

  • I never expected game theory to talk about genshin impact

  • we have a thing called ley lines

  • Odds on this video making mihoyo change the script

  • Anybody else a slight bit annoyed that he called it, “Tay-vat,” instead of, “Teh-vat”?

    • It’s the same thing

  • well thats deep

  • personally zhongli is my favorite archon and character (other than tartaglia) because i like his character development and i like the way he chose to rule over liyue, yes he faked his death but he had a reason to do that. his contract to end all contracts was very interesting, and how he offered his gnosis.

  • Ley lines?

  • Me who downloaded Genshin but the data resources won't let me play it: *cries*

  • there's two version of Liyue 1) Li Wue 2)Li Yue and thats just a theory, a sociocultural theory or something like that

  • Wait I never new this existed!! Gah I am so happy

  • Ley line blossoms that spawn mora and enemies that drop money: i mean hi

  • ley lines mora flowers :0 ;-;

  • Week old bread? Have fun chipping a tooth

  • In terms of primogems WE HAVE primogems But In terms of Mora We HAVE NO MORA. WHAT KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT ZHONGLI >:(

  • Okay okay. First of all, why would zhongli give the cryo archon the leader of the fatui SPECIFICALLY his gnosis. Maybe sooner in the game when mora do become a rare resource then that’s probably when the cryo archon is going to convince everyone to join the fatui or have nothing against them and they can get mora. Zhongli said that the contract to give the cryo archon his gnosis was a contract to end all contracts so what does that mean?

  • ley lines

  • Fun fact:when I was watching this a ad for Genshin impact showed up

  • What even is this….

  • Wait but, the gnosis still exists. La Signora retreaved for the Tsaritsa, so can't she just make mora now?

  • LMAOOOO tayyyyvot

  • Funny enough, this is the video that made me play the game, actually thinking we can be a merchant or something

  • This video got me into Genshin

  • The ending of the liyue story quest shows us that Signora got Zhongli's gnosis, so could it be that the fatui would come out of nowhere with the mora making powers and trade them for useful items

  • But surely they can use something other than mora for all that stuff right?

  • Everybody be like: but matpat leylines

  • You know there could arise a new geo archon like ninnguang she can become the new geo archon and mint more mora she is extremely powerful

  • I have 9 billion 546 million 435 thousand and 57 mora so I think I'm safe

  • This one is kind of interesting to me, because the ability to produce mora still exists. Zhongli didn’t say you need his power to create mora, you need the Geo Archon’s power. Which, of course, is contained in the Geo gnosis. Which still very much exists in the hands of the Fatui Harbingers. Of course, the goals of the Fatui are very confusing, but the economy may be not as doomed as it might initially seem.

  • he forgot about a contract that he made

  • 10:06 just was not right dude if you can’t say it correctly you are not allowed to make a another genshin video

  • Do more please


  • One thing to add to the theory is that this isn’t a permanent problem. Mora comes from the Geo archons power. The power that the Tsaritsa, the goddess of ice now has. Also theoretically nothin is stopping Liyue from minting their own currency something Morax was preparing the Adepti and Liyue Government. Morax was attempting to make humans self sufficient and he said they passed so. I think it possible Liyue will be able to change that. Especially as Liyue has an major influx of ore from their giant mine “The Chasm”.

  • guess they just have to wait for the new geo archon

  • 10:09 no I’m pretty sure mihoyo just wants us to suffer watching us crying that we don’t have enough mora to level up our characters

  • Ah yes, c o n t e n t

  • Can you do a theory on katheryne. I would like to know how they have multiple katheryne.

  • its te - vat not tey - vat

  • **sees a genshin game theory episode** CUE MY HILICHURL DANCE

  • maybe i’ll stop putting zhongli and mona on my main team…

  • Ehe compleat ley lines for mora yes infinity amount of mora as long as you have resins i don't think you thinked about the ley lines 🙂

  • Ley lines

  • Well... You can always go to Laylines

  • But... Who is the Unknown God

  • in terms of primogems, we have no primogems.

  • 🤯

  • well i mean, genshin background story is kinda always dark, like a hint of void in a middle day, but then again, ningguang say "Not only is it true that gods may die, but so too has the membership of the Seven changed over the last two millennia. Rex Lapis' passing is an unimaginable disaster for Liyue, but the order of The Seven will not collapse simply because of that. " so... someone will be the next soil god anyway

  • While I was watching i got an ad for genshin impact

  • he gave up being god

  • Whoa. What if Tsaritsa could take over the mora making? So is Tsaritsa's plan world domination or World Destruction? Now thats a video for another time! Oops wrong channel!!

  • i guess theres no MOR..a..

  • Genshin has such a dark undertone like every character with a big story quest has such a sad past. Like for eg albedo? What even is his story we dont even know Zhongli? He stepped down as the liyue god coz he knows he will soon have to “die”

  • Its funny how after the new zhongli quest i started running out of money (prolly coz i reached ar 43 but thats not the point)


  • The thumbnail bro😅✌🏼

  • Nah he just work for the fatui for mora again

  • Is Teyvat gonna turn into the Great Depres-

  • I like the way this theory is made. It’s funny and interesting lol Edit: This sounds like those videos they show us in history class I love it xD