Game Theory: What Level is Ash's Pikachu? (Pokemon)

Objavljeno 22. maj. 2021
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Pokemon is one of the longest running series out there and for years, one question has plagued us all. What level IS Ash's Pikachu? This little electric mouse defeated CRAZY POWERFUL foes. They've made it to the top of multiple leagues. So, you'd think Pikachu is one of, if not THE STRONGEST Pokemon around, right? Well...

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • He doesn’t seem to count off-screen training? Which is pretty substantial.

  • The movies are not cannon

  • Plot twist: In anime doesnt exist the level concept

  • dude charmeleon evolves at lv 16 could have just search that

  • Lv.88 just like HG/SS.

  • Any link to part 2

  • i hate pikachu video

  • By gen 5 he is probably level 59 cause he had more battles in gen 4

  • Video 13 of posting about otamatone lore

  • I know it wasn't a mechanic in the earlier games but if you take into consideration that exp raises at the pokemon camp like in sword and shield, they would definitely be much higher. Plus Ash would train his pokemon without fighting sometimes.

  • am I the only one thinking he just used this as an excuse to bingewatch the entire pokemon series?

  • Dude there aren’t levels in the anime

  • Pikachu trained under Z fighters he can mask his power level. Once vegeta said . Its over 9000

  • The funny thing is in this video, is Weezing and Arbok are way higher than pikachu and still lose quite badly.

  • my couculaton guess was 2247

  • This has been answered.

  • tl;dr its lv40

  • I thought pokemon also gained exp from losing?

  • This video makes me be afraid of math and I’m about to go to 6th

  • Awesome hard work! But to be honest, I don't think it's okay to ignore the levels of Pokémon Pikachu beats on the basis of hard math. You don't know that we see all the battles Pikachu has done on screen. Similar to the audience never seeing them taking dumps, for all you know Ash grinds wild Pokémon a ton off screen. So I'd trust the data of what level Pokémon Pikachu beats more.

  • But what is his level

  • its been 3 years!?!??! i am so old

  • Ash battling Tapu Koko: beaten Tapu Koko: *wait im a god?* all tapus: *shush ur the main island guardian go on battling him until he beats you*

  • They mention that "Pikachu uses a move that can only be gained through breeding" and "Ash seems to be pikachus original trainer" but doesn't ash get Pikachu from Oak? Does Oak ever say where they got Pikachu from?

  • I dont care what anyone says pickachu is level 100 after I seen him do an electro ball the size of frieza's damn death ball

  • kantoan

  • That is just imposible

  • Isn't it funny throughout all of his and pikachus battles, Pulaski didn't evolve into raichu

    • Puts on nerd glasses. Well actually Pikachu only evolves using a lightning stone, and stated in the episode where Pikachu fights lieutenant surges raichu pikachu refuses to use a lightning stone to evolve and instead trains in his speed to beat raichu. Few

  • This is the most confused i’ve ever been at a Game Theory. This obviously took TONS of effort to make. A clap and a half to you, MatPat

  • like a smart person i clicked to the last minute the second i started this video. where is the 2nd video?

  • "Stupid Miltank and your stupid Rollout." 😂😂🤣

  • bro i always wanted to know

  • Pikachu should be like over 100 >

  • I really like this, but the only problem I have with it is all the off-screen training that Ash and Pikachu had to have done, which makes accurate calculations pretty much impossible.

  • What about moves that pikachu learns

  • Use 1 pokemon name to discribe someone Me: Dreamnotaken=wheezing B-)

  • Can someone give me the link to the next part please

  • pikachu is actually lvl 900, he just didn't hit the growth button yet :P

  • Wait so what’s the level

  • Bro are you kidding me man your really a pokemon nerd

  • Me : Why does this channel have 14 million subs? Them: We watched 650 episodes of Pokemon.... Me: Take my sub and likes !!! Jesus H Christ 😂

  • Pikachu is like Samus. After every adventure they just start over.

  • Love the episode but immediately noticing an issue. The average level of Pokémon encountered in the route doesn’t take in to account encounter rates. The average number of the Pokémon you encounter would drastically changed based on the amount each Pokémon shows up and what levels they typically do. It’s just flawed due to lack of understanding of the games

  • Why wouldn't all the meowth blast offs count?

  • It's all because of the theory of Ash's Pikachu has a "level reset" each time Ash starts a new journey.

  • Pokemon is just a dream Ash has after an accident so the calculations dont matter. Great Episode Mat! Edit: Ah hell nah, you doing a two parter again? Not even warned about it in the video title.

  • I'd say lvl 100

  • Gotta watch em all!

  • I'am not even half way on video. and the amount of information collected is probably more than you get just casually watching all the episodes.

  • Obviously high enough to draw against a Latios in the Sinnoh League but low enough to get recked by a Snivy Starter in Unova lol

  • Level 83.

  • In the anime I think pikachu gets experience points regardless of whether he knocks the opponent out or not... so that would basically double pikachu's power level... making pika around level 60 when he defeated the orange island champions Dragonite... but yeah it seems like pikachu gets nerfed atleast when initially entering new regions... but about midway through a region pikachu seems to get his power back lol

  • The problem with this set up is that it won't work. Use Butterfree for example, there just aren't enough battles for Caterpie to evolve into Butterfree. I doubt this equation would work with any of the pokemons. (edit: Good example is the Charizard's level, or how Pikachu beats Dragonite. The excuse that Ash is a good trainer wouldn't make any sense since we are seeing his command in real time.)

  • You could have taken Pikachus level and calculate the enemies level with the moves pikachu uses on the enemy pokemon

  • Pikachu level literally get reset every new region.. Along with Ash age

    • Ash is a pokemon confirmed

  • where did he watch all the episodes, I've been trying to find somewhere to watch it but haven't been able to

  • if someone did this 20 years ago they would be the legend of school, now they can build a career out of it

  • I mean, the blast off’s should definitely be counted….

  • That guy is the definition of insanity, there's no way a person could watch 600 episodes just to create a video and make non sense calculation. Whould it be insanity or true passion of a genius? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I love you videos keep doing the good work

  • Make a video how strong is the Incredible Hulk

  • :>

  • Ash resets his Pikachu's level for every region and I think with this method the Maximum level he can reach per season is level 55-60 like in the game if you use one pokemon everytime unless you really try hard where you can reach higher levels

  • Hm, i actually go a pokemon ad for this. Cool

  • Pokemon don't level up in the show. Not to state the obvious or anything.. but yeah

    • @Solano idkkkkk there needs to be more than just that to convince me. especially, in early episodes of anime, things can be a bit non cannon. Like Naruto going ham in the first episode of naruto.

    • Go watch episode 9, "School of Hard Knocks." In the episode, the characters go to school to learn about pokemon, and there are clear mentions that pokemon learn moves at specific levels.

  • The anime doesn't make sense. Its just. For example... In the latest series i saw an Eevee knockout a Rhyperrior with a tacke The Rhyperrior was from an Elite member of the rocket team and the eevee was just a pokemon to a worthless trainer ... Or atleast i think.

  • Pikachu - defeats pokemon league trainers... Next season: pikachu loses vs level 5 snivy

    • @Lorina gw2 how do you know paikachus was level 80? There no way he’s 80. Ash has a good team of pokemens that fight too. He only uses Pikaboi once in a while

    • @Loading . . . Never heard pikachu hurted Arceus with his attacks but cant defeat miserable snivy?

    • @Loading . . . Ye ye level 5 snivy vs level... 80 pikachu? Snivy used 60 power skill pant type...

    • You never heard of “critical hit” KO?

  • pikachu didnt fight topu koko yet......for that snivy fight

  • Pikachu is special because of his enhancements so despite his low level his base special attack stat might be like 300. At least that’s how I explain the logic behind the league fights.

  • I always believe Pikachu was at lvl100 +

  • i dont understand why ash leaves his pokemon when going to a new arc and why no body cares that he has ben /won some pokemon legues

    • i that i spelled somethings wrong

  • Glad i skipped to the end and didnt waste time like u did making this only to not give an answer.

  • I always thought he had that stone rust keeps em from evolving n liked maxed XD

  • Levels don’t exist in the anime, Pokemon need to train like DBZ/DBS characters to become stronger, not just level up

    • @Juan Manuel Cardona That you are right

    • @2chin4u and that is your opinion

    • Who cares the anime is trash anyways

  • Paras sucks lol in evry game

  • Snivy hood focus sash and hit pickachu with return or counter rofl

  • My guess is the show doesn't make sense

  • I believe you did 2 minor mistake in your calculation but I'm not a pokemon expert so I can mistake here. First, if I remember correctly in pokemon games you gain expert points for winning battle not defeating pokemon. It's important in battles with trainers like that one with dragonite, because after this battle pikachu didn't just gain points for dragonite but also for others pokemons defeated in it. Of course if Ash retreated some of his pokemons in this battle exp was shared for all of them (but I believe it wasn't). Second, as I sayed in games exp was received after battle but because you are trying to calculate pikachu's lvl from anime you should think about how exp was received in there. Because there is a lot of moments when pokemons evolv in the middle of battle or even learn new moves I believe in this version of universe pokemons gain exp not for winning but for each action they did and this change your calculation entirly.

  • He's been on the show for 20years. there's no way he's not at level 100

    • Nah... There's a lot of weaker Pokémon, including prevolves, that Pikachu hasn't ko'd..

  • I feel bad for him he did a lot of calculations

  • Has part 2 not been added yet?

  • Hoy fuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkeeeeeee

  • 100

  • where can we watch all the pokemon episodes ?

  • Jesus dude pokemath

  • what abt season 1 episode 5 where ash overcharges Pikachu with the water wheel. I always assumed that that gave him a lvl bump.

  • Never forget he also beat the donphan

  • I just want to say, level is a game mechanic. In the anime pokemon world, level is unnecessary. Pokemon can learn moves or evolve depend on age. Therefore pokemon battle in the anime world solely depend on the skills of the trainers and their pokemon partners instead of stats which makes level obsolete. ps: i'm not being serious :)

  • Just google it

  • I mean hard time doing this so well done but tv and movie logic, it’s not all shown. Characters will progress and change more than it Shows. He could be grinding or sending pikachu to a trainer. It’s not gonna show that but 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • He gets reset everytime they go to a new region

  • I need to know how he was able to watch all the seasons and movies

  • Or Make the episode 30 min

  • 1:23 you merely glossed over the fact that zekroms presence was interfering with pikachus electrical abilities, shame on you matpat

  • Lv88 like in heart gold

  • Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  • If you think losing to snivy is bad. Like four episodes later he loses to a panpour!

  • I wonder if in the show every Pokémon has a level cap for what stage they are in… like a Pokémon evolves at lvl 15 but chooses not to evolve and is stuck at that level…. But a lower level Pokémon could beat a Pokémon of a higher level, I’ve done that in the games one time I had a lvl 12 lillypup and beat a much stronger Pokémon with shear luck and lots of potions

  • Game freak should add Ash's Pikachu as an event mon with Uber tier stats.

  • There are no levels in the anime.. The game and anime are totally different from each other ._.