Game Theory: We Need To Talk About FNAF

Objavljeno 11. jul. 2021
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We need to talk about the FNAF franchise. This is a franchise that has meant so much, not just to me and the channel but to the entire community that formed around it. There is a lot to cover and I hope you'll take the time to watch to get my point of view on everything that has happened recently.

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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: AbsolutePixel, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • Everything good always end quickly so cherish it

  • Hmm one potentially interesting successor option could be Dan Salvato

  • Do people really not realize that with the current political divide it's a literal coin toss for who someone supports? It's like being surprised that someone likes the color red more than blue.

  • HMMMMM i wander what matpat will make canon if he was picked

  • Why is nobody talking about the fact that in the past he said that he's gonna make a theory on why the nightmare animatronics breathe??

  • (Laughs in British politics)

  • This is your best video. Not perfect, but quite good.

  • Shoved in a suit anniversery

  • What anti-LGBTQ legislation? What are you talking about?

  • Scott clarified that he isn't anti-lgbtq+, I don't think that anyone should be sent death threats for their individual opinion, the freedom of speech exists.

  • as a lesbian fyi I am British so I dont know if that diminishes my point but I feel like Scott has voted for who he wanted to the people he voted for were certainly anti lgbt however I feel directly Scott never donated to anything lgbt and rather has given funds to commentates, I dont know what that really means but I certainly think its sad he's leaving

  • i have a theory, in security breach, Gregory is a boy who is scared of the animatronics well at least runs away from them i think has two strips on his shirt. I think this is the crying child is Gregory. In the security log book Casidy says do you remember your name? So you figured out jis name is Evan but he might not know that and might just think his name is Gregory. Thank you for looking at my comment.

  • Scott will come back when we need him most

  • Joke or not, i wouldn't want you to own fnaf pat Cause then, you'd know the lore, and you cant make theories about things you fully know

  • Adults: this is interesting Kids: man this is sooooo boring

  • LGBTQ+ community: *Gets thorough support by MatPat* Brown people affected by foreign policy (which tbf would be quite tangential for this video but still equally important): *Sad noises*

  • 4th theory confirmed! An unbiased political analysis of celebrities, candidates, and policy! I'd love more

  • TLDR: Scott did nothing wrong

    • @Alphix be basically did tbh lol

    • thats not what he said

  • “Personally, I hate American politics” spoken like someone that has the moment privilege of not being affected by most of the state of current American politics. *smh*

  • MatPat entered the minefield and made it out with all his digits. I hate to see Scott go but I have hope that he’ll leave it in capable hands.

  • Oof

  • Not very pro life of a guy to base a series around dead kids 😳

  • Nice video and all, but was it really necessary to include all the trending tags?

  • bruh i have been watching almost sence the begining but now you have just kinda made me mad and i just dont agree so im done watching so bye and you can dislike this comment all you want i could care les bye

    • wtf you gonna cry because someone has one single slightly different take on an incredibly complex matter dafuq i hope this is a joke

  • Matt: "I'm pro-LGBTQ rights." Me: *Dislikes Video*

  • Thank you, Matt.

  • Goodbye scott

  • Yes. Personally I've always encountered that online--what Scott is going through (but to a far more minor degree). I am a conservative as well, and sometimes, merely just stating my opinion or belief will suddenly get tons of judgmental gazes turned on me. I often feel like those people who shout from the rooftops about tolerance and 'it's ok to believe what you want', fail to apply those same things to people they just don't like.

  • Why did someone say that Matpat had an obligation to do it? I mean if he doesn’t wanna speak on it he doesn’t have too, Scott’s decision had nothing to do with matpat

  • All I'm gonna say is Scott will go down as a legend

  • MatPat: does that 50,000$ to the young lgbtq charity negate the 42,000$ he spent on political parties? Me: *well yes, as 50,000>42,000*

  • I didn't even know he retired he was my favorite game creator bless Scott cawthon even though he donates to horrible people

  • Scott, please pick mat as the new leader of fnaf.

  • im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad like alot

  • When I heard about Scott retiring, I actually thought "Haha.. this is just another one of his trolls, isn't it?" Then I saw the video on his yt channel and freaking cried im still sad :(

  • So fnaf is canceld and will be no more theorys?

    • he said there will be more to guy. watch the whole video.

  • "Dark times lie ahead of us". And it will only get worse, thanks to that "people".

  • You should not shame someone on their political choices that is just wrong. Just because one candidate supports one thing or dislike one thing doesn’t mean you should hate them

  • 22:08

  • Just now?

  • Calling the switching logo "clout chasing" is so wrong dude. At this point, unless you want to be cancled, you have to switch logo. Its just a fact.

    • It definitely is just so they do not get cancelled and for clout

    • Bethesda didn’t do it for Russia or the Middle East

    • that's not true, most of the time people just see through the logo change. it's just to earn more money.

  • It still is welcoming, Scott never said anything about lgbtq

  • Can we just not go to politics Like bro it’s just a game have fun with it

  • Why watch a tv series when you can watch the game theory fnaf series

  • matpat you're awesome🙌

  • 5 minutes into this to and. Well let me say this guys r faster than they just r so a trans guy can run with actual girls that's just wrong on so many levels think about it matpat

    • @Rishi Belly stfu

    • First of all your English is unintelligible. What you said has nothing to do with the video.

  • Now the franchise is going to go south because people are crying over what he wants to do with his personal money?

  • Ok so I'm a little stupid. Please can somebody explain to me what's happening like you're talking to a five year old? And also why and why not Scott is in the wrong.

  • Ok so I’m just gonna correct something you people are saying Scott supports people that are against gay pride and BLM. He never said anything about that I read the post he just said he supports republicans so I don’t know why people try to put words in his mouth. You can support a political party but doesn’t mean you are ok with some of the things that people in that party do. Just saying

  • there is no winners when it comes to poltics

  • If you go on the Halloween update on fnaf vr press the button on the back of the screen IPad thing turn around turn back and look on the hill In the distance you can See glitch trap dancing (hope this helps)


  • Politcs. Essential but somehow always ruins everything.

  • I don’t personally like LGBT or pride month but as long as it doesn’t affect me or hurt me people can do what they want (unless it’s Illegal or harming people)

  • Me: a narrow minded bigot, per MatPat. *sigh* I guess he doesn't want my revenue from subscription and views. So sad. You have accused all of us who hold to traditional values that were acceptable for thousands of years and unacceptable for 10, to be evil. And half of the U.S. supports those "evil" ideas. So half of us are evil. I was hoping with all of MatPat's love for FNAF that I would get a positive spin on this, but I guess when one has to fight EVIL, there is no other take to have.

    • Mate times change. Staying mired in the past leaves you blind to the future. The world evolves people have to adapt to the changing world. You can’t seriously expect the world and society to just not change, new things pop up all the time and we have to adapt. Human society is not the same as it was hundreds or thousands of years ago we’ve advanced and changed, our values should do the same. Tradition is just the mindset ‘oh the people before me did this, and so should I’ the people before you lived in a drastically different world, knew significantly less and had access to less information. Tradition prevents anything new from coming up. And he never said everyone on the right is a narrow minded bigot or that they were evil.

    • I personally am fine with lgbtq but I hated how he called everyone he disagrees with a narrow minded bigot. Also for future reference the thousands of years point makes no sense.

  • PLECE do a vid on the roblox piggy storyline its like fanf but roblox!

  • scott: retiring coryxkenshin: finally a person that retires with mr

  • If only any of those politics were true..

  • Guys just because someone supports a certain thing it doesn’t mean they agree to everything they do we don’t need block Scot for his political view you might not agree with it but you should accept that people have different views and that’s ok

  • when scott said the thing about the fan games its true. i have never seen out of my 10 years of playing video games and horror games. i have never seen a fandom or anything like fnaf.

  • I drew the line at the time when people threatened to murder his whole family. Sorry, but thats wrong.

  • Love you Matt 🥺

  • Wow first time he stuttered on the "that's just a theory!"

  • Hey MatPat,you should go and look at the Bon's Burger thing. It's exactly like FNAF. It's the Warten Files I think it was called.

  • Its a known fact that any minor inconvenience or disagreement that the LGBTQ community has, they see it as being homophobic

  • I do not support Scott’s political views, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Though I do not agree with him, I MOST DEFINITELY do not support the people who doxxed or threatened Scott in any way. I think we should still respect FNAF and the amazing community it has created, it was actually the first one I was ever in! Even if you do not support Scott, I think we all should remember what FNAF has done to the world of indie gaming and the internet as a whole.

    • What political views of his do you not support. In fact you really don't know any of them except that he supports lgbtq.

  • Does anyone else think it’s wrong for people to get so mad the creator has to retire because of the hate

  • I remember back when people could separate people from their politics Remember those golden years when other than a few outliners no one gave a damn about who you voted for or who you gave money to

  • I did not understand most of the things he said

  • I watched this video for myself instead of believing what some people I know tell me. Of all parties, the republican party had my overwhelming support but I'm okay with disagreeing and being disagreed with. However, after watching this video, there is not a lot to do or even think about. The problem is that people can and will believe what they want. And that's their right, but we cannot threaten or harm those you disagree with.

  • Idk if you knew this but in fnaf vr when your in the tape room if you look behind you then u will see the mastermind himself glitch trap btw im on xbox

  • Announcment by scott (not a good one): "fnaf sb will be the last game in the series"

    • Not true, he’s giving the series to someone else, not sure who, but this is a lie.

  • Guy : does a legal thing People : Oh AcTuALLy YoU CaNt Do tHaT

  • I feel like its dumb that is dumb that your life was threatned because you called sonk slow

  • Am I the only one that enjoyed fnaf world

  • We are constantly split by the need for power. Greed will be the end of humanity. Political Parties are the management, power is the boss, and politicians are the pawns. We are constantly being torn apart by our own greed and want for power. Two or more presidents have warned of this. George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. George Washington wrote about it in his goodbye letter and Lincoln warned that a split house cannot stand. But, because of history being erased by society we have forgotten their words. This nation will fight until the brink of death then, when one of each point guns at eachother, we will finally realize that behind every device, behind every radio, every steering wheel, and every gun, is a human being with a soul, a family, and a life. We are just blocked by judgement and belief that we don't realize that we are never going to agree on everything but in the end, we are all human. As one song said, "get along down the road. We've got a long, long ways to go. Scared to live, scared to die. We ain't perfect but we try to get along while we can. Always give love the upper hand. Paint a wall, learn to dance, call your mom, buy a boat, drink a beer, sing a song, make a friend, can't we all get along." Live and let live because "all you're really given is the sunshine and your name" which is kinda funny when sky starts to rain. (Get Along by Kenny Chesney) There is no right way to live, just go with the current instead of fighting against it. It is easier to swim downstream than up.


  • Suck. It. Up. People can donate to whoever they want.

  • #ThankyouScott

  • Dead horse

  • The US military has not done anything good outside of WW2

  • thank you scott

  • Aight, who predicted Scott retiring for 2021?

  • At least matpat isn't retiring from you tube

  • DAMN I hope Scott comes back. He always comes back. And that we get well some games like not very big like fnf simulator. Like 2 games just focusing on some stuff and refences .. Also politics I don't mind and take interest most of the time. I eat pizza and enjoy every theory here. But hey Scott have us literally while fnaf story that we almost solved absolutely 100% but there are still some minor theories and mysteries to be solved. And im on it right now.

  • What I hate about you Americans make everything political and that also effects us in Europe, get a third party trust me it'll fix a lot of the problems in the u.s.

  • God bless Scott 🚫🏳️‍🌈

  • As a part of the lgbtq+ community I say there is no excuse for people threatening to doxx Scott. He has a right to support he wants. I'm really disappointed becuse I was a part of the FNAF fandom but I'm still kinda sad Scott is quitting.

  • I hate the people who got him cancelled. He had an opinion and people didn't like it so he got cancelled

  • Honestly i am still going to support the fnaf community and the fnaf games i've played them so long they were the first games that i actually got scared from all the games and thats it

  • and its sad that people have to pick sides nd stuff just leave people alone damn

  • I will miss u Scott

  • Matpat being a Democrat confirmed?

    • @TopTextBottomText true

    • He literally said he doesn’t feel like any one category fits all of his wants and needs. The world isn’t split into republicans and democrats. People are more complex than that

  • My friend dad now’s Scott cawthon

  • based Scott

  • I like that even though I don’t agree with everything that you said you were very open minded and came to the best point in your video that even though all of us don’t agree about everything but we can still support the things that we do agree about

  • 9:50 one of the guys there looks like ‘The Stupendium’, just a cool personal Easter egg for me if you will, thought I’d say what I was thinking cuz i found it cool XD