Game Theory: Why Flying Pokemon CAN'T FLY!

Objavljeno 17. apr. 2021
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Nowadays, Pokemon travel on your journey to becoming the best there ever was has evolved. It used to be your feet and a bike. Now, you you can ride on Pokemon in your party as a travel option. Plus, there are built in game mechanics that are basically Pokemon taxi service. The Gala region has their Flying Taxi that utilize Corviknights to fly you from place to place. Well, that got me thinkin Theorists. Did Pokemon get flying RIGHT? Could a Corviknight, or any flying type, actually carry passengers or even THEMSELF? It's time to find out!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • matpat:idk how dose rayquaza fly me: ha ha its from space go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (i tink that makes sence case all the pokemon from space can fly like deoxys minior and rayquaza)

    • lugia can fly becose it uses psychic energy i mean it is psychic type

  • why can the ender dragon fly with a big body

  • i thought about it and realised that the pokemon worlds gravity probably isnt the same as irl so mabye he should test that first and then do the calculatios

  • Isnt a bunch of fletchling wearing leashes just going to snap their necks

  • Does anybody realised mat said teany not tieny at 4:46 it doesn't matter im just pointing it out

  • Video 21 of posting about otamatone lore

  • GEICO does protect dragons and domesticated kaiju, so yes, maybe they do cover Pokémon

  • You telling me that a bald eagle can lift more than a condor. Even though a condor can be 3 times as big as the largest bald eagle? Huh. Ok matpat

  • Charizard CAN learn fly...

  • The Pokémon world really should have planes because I want to hear the sound of a pidgeot going through a jet engine

  • Actually Charizard y can fly his wing is big enough and we can see ash Charizard wasn't able to fly with ash on top of him and after his charific valley training he fly and swablu in a episode can't fly then learns to fly shortly after I think the animals needs muscles more than the size of wing to fly yeah there are real life animals for example like a flying fish yeah there are many fishes out there who can keep themselves in air for over 10 minuites with like a small wing and there are reports of fishes falling from sky these are all because the fish apply enough force to keep them on air and a Charizard or skarmory for example can practice enough to make their muscles enough strong to keep them on air and both Gyarados and rayquaza has enough power to keep them floating on air with some small fins I think there's no doubt that there are more Pokemon like tropious who fly with leaves and like sceptile which has been explained that it glides on air in an episode and doduo can fly like wow real life ostrige jumps so high and yeah I think your explanation is wasted

  • The type skdkfng


  • how about multiple corvinights??????

  • you’re demographic definitely needs insurance

  • Pokemon are just built different

  • Coviknight is very strong you know

  • how much can a Haast's eagle (Harpagornis moorei) carry? wing length 3m and 10-18kg heavy.

  • Naw the not the Geico

  • What size was the 15lb deer. That is a fricking baby

  • If the pokemon cant fly due to that then the alicorn'ss or pegasus's (i dont know how to spell pegasus but multiple) cant fly either from what i got i might misunderstand but their body is bigger than their wings making it so they cant fly then the flying ponies cant either tell me if im wrong but dont be rude if your planning on being rude when telling me im wrong

  • One word Magic

  • Gravity works different in the Pokémon world simple as that

  • it takes away from the skill. poke punk versions

  • I think Charizard should be able to use the help of his Fire to create hot air to help him rise into the air

  • Lugia can fly because of it being a psychic type

  • How do you come up with this kind of stuff

  • I always assumed Chaizard(and maybe Dragonite) had a bloated belly because it held gas that was less dense than air to help it float AND exhaust fire. Evan as a kid, I knew those wings could not support the weight.

  • 12:47 So your saying you should get a flock 1000 Fletchlings to carry you somewhere? Thats slavery!

  • On a side note: Geico is pretty shitty when it comes to auto insurance. All State is pretty solid. I've cross referenced several companies

  • Birds Glide and lift in air currents. A Flying type Pokemon could utilize 'gust' powers to give continuous lift.

  • How about the pidgeons

  • Before continuing, just wanna say that at 9th, i weighed 66kg... (but i was better at 10th, 53kg :D)

  • Lugia's typing is Psychic-Flying, even if it can't sustain flight with it's wings it can Levitate with it's Psychic abilities which means it being on that list is false because it can still get up off the ground. Also before Fairy typing came about didn't Togekiss use to have a Psychic typing? Or was it normal typing? I forget.

  • I did the same math and Xatu can carry its own weight plus 43.72 lbs. However, I am certain there is an error in my math since in my math, Fletchling is incapable of flight. Can someone help check or confirm?

  • according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly

  • Matthpad pokemon is not science it none science

  • Since pokemon like magicarp can jump that high I think the World is on the moon

  • Kya bakwass

  • Weight has to work differently in the Pokémon universe bc ash could pick up cosmoem who’s like 1000kg, so maybe the theory you should be doing is rather or not the laws of real world physics apply to the Pokémon world at all


  • sooooo I am 13 and only 60 pounds... I think I might have a problem

  • Sorry but the majority of birds don't generate lift from flapping their wings. Some hovering birds like humming birds do. But the vast majority generate lift by gliding. The flapping is actually propulsion. If you see a bird flapping it's wings in slow motion you will see that they are actually pushing them backwards rather than down.

  • Since Gyarados and Rayquaza can fly... It can't just be a physical thing for pokemon, it must be some sort of magic or air control or something...

  • Pidgeys carry the trainer by grabbing the soldiers also they are super strong lol who would ride a Bird

  • Yes lugia has air controlling powers that's actually canon according to movies

  • So you are okay with the fact that there are creatures like Pokemon in the world who can shoot water, fire, ice, grass blades but you are not okay with the fact that flying Pokemon can fly? You believe that Arceus created the world but you dare find logic in this?

  • The biggest flaw here is not taking into consideration the "World of Pokemon" or the "World" itself. Every calculation done here is 100% correct, but it is correct only when the "weight" factor has a 9.8 gravitational acceleration. The density of air mass on the Pokemon's world will also drastically affect the upward force for each of the pokemon. Not to mention how their wings are created will also certainly affect the upward force gained per wing flap.

  • If charizard generates hydrogen somehow to feed his fire, then he would have lift from his low density, despite the mass. Go deeper, Matpat

  • You missed one key point. Real birds cant use whirlwind and sky attack etc Pigey would be stronger than the realest strongest bird.

  • I ended up on this video and boy what a ride. You assume everything on math, and you give facts to magicalish creatures (yeah, a fire breathing dragon, fairies, a bouncing pig, ghosts...). And you even ponder on flight when it's probably the least of the problems in the Pokémon universe (surf too has its faults, even the facts that every region has and evil gang would make you question the law) but yeah, pick on the birds

  • 1:52 *Look.*

  • "They're both reliable" Wheeze. Bad example

  • The dirty himalayan impressively appear because microwave peroperatively skip beside a illegal crate. juicy, witty throne

  • This theory is a bit *farfetched*


    • Then why are you here? To gatekeep?

  • The pokemon universe has always been dumb in physics

  • What about pterodactyl?

  • This video is sponsored by geico and right after Mat’s ad read for geico at the end of the video, I got a State Farm ad lol

  • Charizard can fly since Pokemon Yellow. Red and Blue were just unpolished messes. That's all there is to it.

  • I always thought of Pokemon less as animals, but more as super animals. Just like superheroes can do things regular people just can't, Pokemon can do things animals just can't.

  • Um... That Eagle video where the kid is getting snatched is *FAKE* it's a *HOAX* video....

  • What happened to the intro?

  • I'm almoast 12 and i weigh 55kg now you made me feel ban matpat

  • Basically, the taxi service should have picked a quad-launcher based on real-life bats or pterosaurs

  • Best intro yet

  • Doduo got little wings that make it hard to fly you bro

  • What about dinosaur birds like the pterodactyl

  • [Insert certain BEE MOVIE meme here]

  • Can you explain with this theory how was a terodactyl able to fly and if I am not wrong he could also carry herbivore dinosaur with it as his food which should weigh atleast 1000lb

  • First Geico sponser I’ve seen

  • wait.... so you are saying that a 11 year old is 37kg and i am 14 but i'm 30kg... uhhh is that normal

  • Well suppose you took two corvanites and tied a coconut to a string between them...

  • Its not arceus ITS ARKOOS

  • We don't know how is wd gasters wife is but my theory is she died at war

  • Ok ok ok, I see your point, HOWEVER there is one glaring flaw in your argument that I see. You did not consider the power of friendship in your calculations

  • Pokemon: Hey, now there's a taxi service! A Corvinight carries you! MATPAT: The square cube law. Pokemon Dev: Oh Arceus... Here we go again... Mat: Names 1/10 flying Pokemon that cannot fly Poke. Dev: Wait, Hoot Hoot?

    • Hoot Hoot: I can fly, Physics, Arodynamics, fluid dynamics: May we introduce ourselves

  • This is what I called a gaming teacher

  • hoothoot packing

  • So dragons aren’t real ):

  • Is geico really the best sponsor when most of your fans are 13

  • According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. It's wings are too small to get it's fat little body off the ground. Because bees don't care what humans think is impossible.

  • What did we learn today kids? *FLETCHLING IS SUPREME*

  • Best sponsor-slip in ever

  • I wonder what the physics in Pokémon is like

  • Gyarados-is a flying type but can't fly Golurk-is not a flying Pokemon but can fly

  • yeah but they fly in the game

  • but how does vullaby fly

  • I love how you used Pokemon Sapphire for the intro

  • Please explain how Yvetal even uses it’s 3rd wing…

  • Well, I'm not a physicist, but if by chance the atmosphere in the Pokemon world were to be denser than the atmosphere from earth wouldn't those pokemon be able to fly?

  • fly is sky jump in japanese

  • Laughs in being 50lbs at 11 years old, average height but skinny

  • I think the explanation is that the world of Pokémon has a smaller force of gravity

  • We need the doduo episode

  • The massive glaring flaw is that because of Pokemon typing... Magic legitimately exists in this universe. You even proved it with Gyrados, Rayquaza, and other Pokemon that can fly and levitate with no apparent means of doing so. The best examples of this are elemental powers and arcane powers like Fairy and Dragon type energy. Never mind things like animate rocks and steel beings that are also pretty dang sentient. Sure they try to apply scientific babble to explain it, but that's only because magic exists in the Pokemon universe and thus can be scientifically studied. So unfortunately Matpat and team, ya done an oopsie by ignoring that, which busts your own theory.

  • "Raspy voiced preteen" We all know Ash had a 10 pack a day smoking and bourbon addiciton. That's why his voice is messed up.

  • wait mat i have a quetsion does the type of wing change if it can fly or not like charzard have different wing not made of feathers

  • what if the gravity of the universe if different as compared to ours

  • i cannot believe they got GEICO to sponsor them.